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Podcast school’s out for summer…

We’ve had a lot of fun (and more fun than we thought we’d have) recording our podcast – the hornily titled I’d Love To Turn You On – in the recent pandemically charged months and weeks, which has mainly involved doing what we (and we assume loads of other people) do anyway – playing music and trying to convince each other that our choices are the best. All we had to do was stick a mic in front of us and do what we normally do, only with less stuttering, umming and aahing and maybe some notes in front of us. I’ve noticed that I use the words ‘kind of’ a lot, as a kind of conjunction between random and ill-thought through critique. I think I’ve picked this verbal tic up from my co-host Sarah, who also says ‘sort of’ quite a bit, for the same reasons.

Having reached 20 episodes, plus a nice corny Valentine’s Day special – which equates to 168 tracks – and dropping off the regular posting of the podcasts due to life and other commitments, we’re taking the rest of summer off to recharge, get out and about, listen to some new stuff, and hopefully to take in some live music (future lockdowns allowing). So you’ll be spared the endless banging on about our pod in an effort to get you to listen to it, at least for a couple of months. During which time, I’ll be working hard at easing ‘kind of’ out of my go-to phrases. There’ll be a summer mix going up on mixcloud at some point before we come back with some more episodes from October, in what we’re already ambitiously and pretentiously referring to as our ‘second season’.

In the meantime, you can listen to the latest and last episode for now, here:

Playing tracks from UNKLEAldous HardingBattlesPalmSpace and more.

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