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#challengehull week 5…

365/17. Daily notes from the City of Culture.

Week #5 of Challenge Hull came from 2017’s Learning and Participation Team.

Take a piece of paper and see what you can turn it into. Fold it, tear it, cut it (but watch your fingers!) What can you create? Perhaps you could make your own piece of art, desk decoration or mini sculpture – or maybe something entirely different from your own imagination.

I was on a train. And the last time I tore pieces of paper on a train – making face masks from the pages of a newspaper magazine supplement, and posing with ripped out photographs of sandwiches – I drew a few frowns and left the table I was sat at in a right state. So I decided to scrawl out a ‘cut out and make it’ night scene of The Deep for someone else to make a mess with. I left it behind when I got off at Paragon. There’s a reason I don’t draw very often.

Challenge Hull Week 5


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