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#challengehull week 1…

The first challenge of 2017 in Hull? Make a self-portrait.

365/17. Daily notes from the City of Culture.

DW Self Portrait

What was it like to draw yourself?

Trouble with my dad being a half-decent illustrator and artist, when he wasn’t creating signage for Jackson’s supermarkets, is that I avoid drawing anything because I know I’m nowhere near as good as the old man was. I have no desire to put in the hours to get good at it, but generally it was a fun 90 seconds with a nice pen.

Did you feel self-conscious?

Shouldn’t you, when drawing a self-portrait?

What did you want to share about yourself?

That I’m conscious of having a big nose, and bags around my eyes, and loads of frown marks, and that when I look in the mirror I’m often puzzled as to why a short-cropped Keith Richards appears to look back at me.

Community groups and organisations from across the city have teamed up with Hull 2017 and 64 Million Artists to set a weekly creative challenge that everyone in Hull can participate in.

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