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Heads Up Festival, October


So, what’s a boy like me do around this time of year?

Well, it would appear these days I’m involved with Heads Up Festival, now in its seventh (how?!) season and normally running from early September. But no more, we’ve nudged it back to that time of year when conkers drop from trees, nights start pulling in and the smell of candy floss mixes with diesel odours.

In an arrogant move, we’ve pitched our festival up at the same time as Hull Fair. We can only dream of such heady numbers as will be ambling slowly and Bob Carver’s chip-grease laden up and down Walton Street and we’re hoping the travel chaos that ensues will not have an impact on the free movement of Heads Up audiences. But you never know. It might be an experiment too far.

Anyway, as ever from the festival that brought Christopher Brett Bailey, Made in China, Jo Hellier, Will Dickie, Sean Mahoney, Victoria Melody, Bucket Club, Theatre Ad Infinitum and all manner of contemporary theatrical greatness to the city, a stellar programme awaits those that do head to venues that include Kardomah 94, Hull Truck, Artlink, and the Club House Community Centre on Garden Village.

This season, Conrad Murray’s beatbox hip hop infused Denmarked, Lung’s The 56, Rhiannon Armstrong’s International Archive of Things Left Unsaid, Can I Help You? and a fascinating workshop about making art out of the everyday, Bellow Theatre, She Productions and a whole lot more.

My head is, quite brilliantly, all over the shop with all of this, and other work commitments. But it’ll be well worth it. It would be lovely to see you in the audience and, if you can buy tickets in advance so we know where we are, please do. Info, including downloadable programme, at and tickets from eventbrite here.

Please come, or I’ll have too much time on my hands in future Octobers.

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