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On 2015…

As I wrote at this time last year… another year, another load of projects, successes and, ahem, failures.

But I did my best, I think. Much less fucking it up in 2015.

Thanks to all the friends, new and old, who made it a very, very good year. Thanks for the chats into the night, hanging out, the walks, the dancing, the laughing, the beers and gins, the trips abroad, the fun and games, the collaborations, the meditations, keeping me and my ego in check, and for making me think and smile and, on the odd occasion, be creative. Thanks for being a big, big part of it. You know who you are, I hope.

Be safe tonight and have a blast. Remember it’s just another night and that life doesn’t hang on midnight and seeing in another year, or reflecting too much on the last 12 months, nor even the exciting times to follow, but being right here, right now. Give the people you love a hug, and think about the people that aren’t around that you wish were.

So here’s to 2016 and the onward journey. We can do it, and it’s gonna be fucking ace. Enjoy the ride.

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