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Closed mouth…

Well that was a ruddy good Humber Mouth if ever there was one (and there’s been a few). Still kicking myself that I didn’t get to chat, on stage, with DBC Pierre. Because I was dicking about in Budapest and wouldn’t have got back in time. But I’d’ve loved to have been there and done that. Still, I got to have a fun little chat with Rosie Millard, introduced three international poets (Choman Hardi, Kim Addonizio and Tony Hoagland), and did the honours for Roger McGough and Brian Patten, as well as Katherine Williams and The Dyr Sister, and also had a chat, on stage, with Katherine, after her remarkable, mesmerising gig at Jubilee Church. And, in my privileged position, of, erm, whatever it is, saw oodles of events. All of them magnificent and very, very different. The festival really does get better every year and, while I’m biased cos my mate’s the festival director, can’t wait to see how it evolves, gets even better, attracts more and more people and keeps blowing people’s minds. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you must (and you should also feel a slight sense of shame for not having bothered. Where were you?). Humber Mouth is one, if not the finest, of Hull’s brilliant things. Back in November 2016, with loads of supporting Head in a Book literature events between now and then.

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