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Heads Update…

Slight interruption to the daily service there due to Heads Up Festival duties for E52. We were at Freedom this weekend, with Heads Up shows Ballad of the Burning Star (by Theatre Ad Infinitum), The Incredible Book Eating Boy & its accompanying book making workshop (Bootworks), Folk in a Box and Fish/Girl (by Make/Shift, who seem very fond of forward slashes). Lovely people, all of them, and their work was most enjoyable.

Naturally, as a sensible sort, I took the rest of the weekend steadily, but managed to see a fair bit of stuff in addition to all things Heads Up, amongst them Spellbound, NoFit State circus, the Long Walk to Freedom light trail, Acrojou’s Wheel House, loved the fire garden, stumbled into Spark!, enjoyed the World of Colour parade, heard snippets of Roland Gift and Ruby Turner, I popped into the Yo-Yo night at Fruit, danced a bit to Keb Darge, danced a whole lot more to the awesome Naturally 7, loved refreshments at the Brewery Wharf bar, popped by to long-standing food outlet Thieving Harry’s, wish I’d seen a lot more music (bits of lots of stuff at the Bridge Stage, which I’d’ve loved to have hung around, and at the Big Yellow Bus stage) and some of the secret sheds, unwound at the end of it all in the Minerva, where I raised a glass and with friends in a quiet manner and didn’t get involved in over-indulgence and a big, crazy sing-song at all.

Looking forward to doing this for 365 days in just over a couple of years.

Freedom might be a thing of the past but next weekend we’re back on Heads Up duty, including the first chance to see Legerdemain, which I’ve written. Find out more at

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