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New domain purchase shocker…

Phew, what a great week and a bit. Can’t believe it’s the last night tomorrow. But it is. A few drinks will flow before we bid our farewells and go our separate ways. We sold out the venue, got quite amazing audience reactions and just had a damn good time. More of this, please. Excuse the lack of blogging of late but, well, I’ve been busy enjoying the experience as much as I could. Typically, just when it might have been slightly useful, my website domain has gone kaput. Until my hosts get things working again, I’ve relocated to the fabulously vain And if anyone’s tried emailing me lately, via the website link, it won’t have worked, nor will the old hdmp address I used to live at, so excuse me if you think I’ve become incredibly ignorant (those that know me know I’ve always been incredibly ignorant). You can always contact me via my otherwise redundant myspace account.

Right, to save me writing an extensive entry about the chorizo I purchased at a fancy European market today, please excuse me until June 5, when I promise to share more of the Sully experience with you. There might even be pictures. If you’re interested, that is. Laters. And if you made the play, ta very much.

Reading: Thomas Hauser – Muhammad Ali His Life and Times. Listening: Hot Chip – Warning

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