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Back to rehearsals…

Back to rehearsals. A few more cuts and nips and tucks. We listened to some tunes dropped in by Johnny Pat of Johnny Pat and the Aces fame – Hull’s 1960s attempt to bag a slice of the jingley jangley Beatles scene. They were very amusing musical nuggets for all the right reasons and well worth waiting for. Also spoke to my boyhood hero – Sammy Lloyd, Hull FC goal kicker and permed barnet Kevin Keegan-alike extraordinaire – who we call a tart in the play. Twice. We thought it only right that we tell him what we’re up to. He took the script excerpts I read down the telephone in remarkably good humour and wished us well. Watched a run through of the full play. Felt in a heightened emotional state all day and slid out the venue quietly after the run, leaving the experts to it. There’s nothing much I can do at all now re the play, in a practical sense, other than wait for the first night. So in many ways today felt like the end of something, even though the most exciting bit is yet to come.

This link might not remain live for very long, but there’s an interview with…erm…me, talking about the play, here

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