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Off to a flier…

A whistlestop tour of Hull’s rugby league-themed taverns (of which there are many) to put up posters and leave fliers. Do other writers do this? I dunno. I’m just keen to help promote the play wot I wrote. A rather nice response wherever we went, as everyone in the city appears to have been to school with either Sully or his kids. One pub wanted all of the posters I had with me, but I had to restrict them to just 3. I don’t want these valuable items turning up on eBay. Another wouldn’t let me leave until I had answered a range of questions about the play, the cast and this week’s feature on Sky Sports’ show Boots n All (Wednesday, 8pm, I believe). We took a break from Blu Tack duties at Dukes, where we kidded ourselves we were being healthy by ordering salad and olives stuffed with tomatoes (given their relative size, why not the other way round?). That, on its own, would’ve been fine…but I couldn’t resist some lager.

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