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Field of dreams…

The fun never ends around these parts. After last night’s Moz-related action we had to be up bright and early to get to the Boulevard for a photoshoot. To the right is the cast of Sully, along with Martin B the co-director and, throttling him, ex-Hull FC player Terry Devonshire and, raising a fist, former Hull KR star Steve Hubbard (dad of Josh Paddington, trivia addicts). A nice chap sent by my former employer was there taking pics. We had to squeeze through a barrier to get in the place as we’d turned up at the wrong entrance .

I spent a good few years at this particular field of dreams but, despite still being used as a community venue, the old place is in a right mess. The ‘best stand’ has fallen victim to a fire and most of its rear is charred and scorched. Hull FC’s club song Old Faithful has a line about “When the Boulevard’s white with clover”. Sad to say it’s yellow with dandelions right now. Anyway, us theatre types took great pleasure in executing passes in Terry Dev’s direction. Terry reminded me that I owed him 50p for a cup of tea he made me couple of week’s ago and then wandered back through the long grass, not to be seen again until opening night.

Yesterday, before seeing Mozza but after the Sky Sports interview (which was puncuated by a piling rig that’s busy hammering away on a building site outside the theatre) I had lunch in Ask with Ros Sullivan and Nick from the Yorkshire Post, an interview situation over spicy pizza, pasta and salad. Nick, quite naturally for a journalist, kept asking questions but, whenever we started supplying responses bordering on the genius, the waitress came over to interrupt us. I still tipped.

Tonight, we’re back at the KC to watch Hull FC take on Bradford Bulls and, possibly, drink a cup of Bovril at half-time.

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