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Missing in action…

Hello thrill seekers and gossip mongers, I’m back. Sorry about the interruption to the space-time continuum there but I’ve been a bit busy. And, heck, I’m also under investigation (but more of that in subsequent posts).

Rehearsals for Sully are underway (yes, Mel, I was there) so it’s time for you to meet the cast and co-directors. That guy there on the right? That’s the actor Fidel Nanton, who has the tricky job of playing the rugby league legend that was Clive Sullivan. He’s actually sitting in a “test seat”, one of four that audience members are currently being asked to try out and judge to decide what seating will be used in the new building. And I think he’s about to strike several lines through the unwieldy speeches that I’ve written for him.

Those two on the left? That’s Lee Green and Natalie Blades, who play everyone else in the play (that’s a lot of characters). Lee was in Kicked Into Touch last year, while the lovely Nat’s pretty much a Hull Truck regular these days.

You might notice a road beneath their feet. It’s currently being used for Johnny Godber’s Men of the World but, after a bit of resurfacing and clever use of a saw, it will, by mid-May, be turned into the Clive Sullivan Way.

And the two men charged with making sense of the nonsense I’ve written and turning it into something resembling drama? Co-directors Martin Barrass and Gareth Tudor Price, on the right there.

The show is selling well and we’ve been advised to book any tickets we might need as soon as possible, lest the box-office business be so brisk that friends, family and, quite possibly, even this writer, have to find out how the play went from those that did organise their admission well in advance.

More to follow, as if you care. You can also read a rather hideous Q&A with me here.

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