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On the road…

To the theatre for Godber’s bus travel joint Men of the World. A nice steady comedy, maybe more designed for an older audience than hellraisers like M and myself, although we did go on a bus trip the other year that was uncannily similar to the play. The set was a road, which is, apparently, going to be adapted to form the basis of the set for Sully. It was a nice piece of road and I’m sure that Kirky can turn it into the Clive Sullivan Way. Saw a few people we know, actors and theatre sorts, got told that tix for Sully are selling well and ate a nice amount of buffet at the end of the show. There are some quite large posters up for Sully, A0 or some silly size. I must remember to ask for one so I can drape it on the chimney breast in a fit of wild narcissism. When I was sat in the audience I started to feel quite anxious about my play, which is so imminent I can now smell it.

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