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Hey! I’m back! It’s been a long day, which actually started at 00.25 Greek time yesterday, when we boarded a bus to the airport to head back home :-(. We got back into Manchester at 6am today. I’ve not slept, save for a couple of snatched saliva-dripping-from-my-open-mouth moments. We had to wait till 8.30am for our lift, immediately got stuck in a car-park traffic jam nightmare and the rain came down to remind us where we were. We headed back to Hull, where the car was waiting, then had to visit lots of people and pretend to be wide awake before picking Penny the cat up from her holiday home. Well done, Holly, for taking care of the beast. It’s 9.15pm now, here in York, and am writing this as I try and rapidly catch up with the horror that is Big Brother (a gay hairdresser from Hull is the early favourite) as my eyes try and force themselves shut. Just like a man with a collection of dull holiday photographs, I’ll be posting some entries (in full chronological order!) about this rather nice week-long break, which was great fun. Lots of sun, although Kos is a very windy island on the north side, where it takes a right old battering from howling gusts coming off the Aegean Sea. Otherwise, Tigaki is a great, (so far) unspoilt resort. And I also got to stand in the crater of an earthquake! A reminder of how pleasant this country I am now in can be came in a petrol station tonight, where a 14-year-old bleached blonde highly-sexed strumpet in a Kappa tracksuit burst in and asked, “Do you sell johnnies? Got any johnnies?” Is it that hard to use the word ‘condom’? Anyway, ‘scuse me while I hit the pillow. Night night.

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