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Blast had…

I’ve just tried googling to find out which twat once said the common sensicle “All good things must come to an end.” I’m not wading through 3million+ sites for conclusive proof. But, whoever it was was right. Today was the day where we knew we would be shipping out. So we made the most of it. Eating, drinking, sunning, chilling, cycling, getting shut of Euros and all the other filthy stuff people do.

I’m not sure I’ve conveyed our Tigaki stay too well. Suffice to say, we had a blast. It was the best. We should have stayed at least two weeks. As it was, at 00.25 tomorrow we will set off to stand in a queue in the inadequate but simple Kos airport, before boarding a plane where we will have to suffer being seated next to a drunken woman who can’t find the toilets and insists that I am scared of flying before slumping over the flip-down table. But worse than this will be enduring Something’s Gotta Give, a bunch of fat, common Scousers and a fast-pax breakfast at four in the morning.

Book to close the show: DBC Pierre’s Vernon God Little. Same subject matter as the Coupland but a different treatment. Really got inside the head of this lil’ Texan.

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