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Wooaaaah! I’m standing in the crater of a volcano, with the curiously hollow sounding surface beneath my feet bubbling away, spewing sulphur. And they reckon this thing is inactive! Amazing, amazing, amazing. I thought I’d get sun, olives, and enjoy good company. I didn’t reckon on this natural beauty, on the island of Nisyros, bowling me over. I dunno how the things work but if you’re interested this link will tell you more and has all the geological information and pretty pictures you’ll need to write that Nisyros essay, should it ever be needed. Cool place, cool journey through the mountains, cool ferry ride over from Kos. We also sailed past an island made of Pumis, the total of which is being chiseled away so that old women can smooth their callousy feet.

We had to make a swift exit from the Meni restaurant tonight. All that food finally caught up with us. Trying to leave quickly without upsetting the staff, who all think they’ve poisoned you, is a tricky operation – one that needed to be smoothed by paying additional Euros. How come we ate less but paid more? Guilt’s a funny old thing, eh?

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