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Some days, you want to just lay in the sun but the Aegean Sea is so god-damned breezy that you can’t put up with it any longer. We gave it a shot but caved in and went and sat by the pool, where we observed divorced couples playing with their stepchildren. Jason and his thus-far unidentified step son have a good relationship. Later in the week I would get the inkling that the boy’s mother has embraced the self-catering ethic too much and spends a lot of time slaving over the two-ringed cooking facilities. Some of us, thank the Vassilis Taverna, eat out so much we eventually get tired of food.

Book reading progress report: Other half of Kingdom of Fear (a jolly jape that mentions Johnny Depp too much but makes me wish I could do the gonzo thing at the HDM) and Zoe Heller’s Notes on a Scandal.

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