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We’ve got a date for the performance of our plays. Tuesday, May 22, Hull Truck. Be there. And also be there on Friday, May 25 for The Worst Seat in the House. The publicity wheels are about to be rolled into motion – I’m writing a firing line piece for Artscene to start with about how critics are thwarted playwrights. Jeez, I hope I can prove that one wrong! It’s at this time every week that I wonder what the hell I’m going to fill my column for Saturday’s paper with. Being allowed to write about anything can sometimes be the hardest brief. Pondering on doing something about console action/virtual realities.

My preparations for heading to Kos have so far been few. Managed to buy three books to take yesterday (and a box set of Citizen Smith series one and two, which won’t be joining us) and have got a few bits and pieces of research about theatre criticism upon which The Worst Seat in the House will be loosely pinned. That’s it. I do hope the shorts fit. Think there’ll be some crazy T-shirt purchasing next week amid the other headless chicken action. Really, really ready for some sun and fun.

Some bloggers across the Atlantic have been given press accreditation to attend the upcoming Democrat’s convention. As a geezer who earns a living working as a journalist, something tells me I should be opposed to this. But, hey, what a brave new world we’re living in. Let’s get some bloggers down to the next Labour party shindig and see if we can talk some socialist, anti-war, let’s distance ourselves from US politics-sense into them.

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