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Diary clash…

Having spent some time pouring over the Euro 2004 fixtures in Sam’s new sticker album, have realised that, should England top group C, they will play their quarter final against the table A runners up on the same evening as The Worst Seat in the House (June 25, tickets just £3 – for my show, that is, not the Euro 2004 quarter finals). Bastard. Double bastard is that, if our plays are scheduled in on the night before and England have done me proud by failing to top the group, England could well be playing a quarter final as runners up of group C against the winner of group A. All of which leads me into the nice unpatriotic chant of Come on France! as I sit here with fingers crossed that my play will be performed on Wednesday, June 23. Those that suggest that people that like the arts have no time for football obviously weren’t sitting in David Bown’s play Stand two Euro championships ago. Ooh, around 75 people turned up and looked lost in a 400 seat audtiorium. Anyway, UEFA have started panicking, as you can read here.

There have been a lot of vicars (or, perhaps, priests, who are not such a different bunch, except they like to be called Father) in York these past two days. There must have either been some kind of religious conference or, if not, a mass exorcism of all those people that organise ghost walks. 

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