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Dressed as cakes…

How many people will say, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to run a marathon,” today? Poor Richard Herring. I feel entitled to read his blog now I’ve just sponsored him.

Talking of people dressed as cakes, Bob the Builder and Big Ben, I bailed out of a charity fundraiser myself today. I was lined up to do a firewalk for autistic kids but just didn’t feel I had the time to get there, back and go out later and eat in a sushi restaurant. Oh. Now I feel guilty. It was a last minute thing anyway – the organisers asked me if I wanted to take part so I could write about it all first hand. Anyway, it’s raining today so maybe the hot coals won’t reach the correct temperature for foot scalding? I hope they raise a fortune. They’re gonna use the money to send autistic youngsters over to Florida to swim with dolphins, which is, apparently, really brilliant therapy. Now, I wouldn’t mind finding the time to swim with dolphins to fund a gang of autistic kids to do a firewalk…

Back to vegetarianism – in the new Thomson Holiday brochure there’s this thing about in-flight meals. “8 dining options on offer. There’s something for everyone. Even a vegetarian.” Oh, wow, well done. Last year, when we were on an Airtours plane, they dished up the veggie meals 20 minutes before everyone else, just to make vegetarians feel nicely excluded from the raw meat orgy everyone else on the plane indulged in. Is it that hard to provide meals for people that choose not to be carnivores????

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