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Rope’s not like it used to be, eh? This we discovered as the Toyota Yaris was towed to Clifton Moor for repair. Okay, I ran over the rope during the course of the tow and that probably caused it to break in half as we negotiated a roundabout. But still, that quality unbreakable rope of old is hard to find these days. Such pleasant police officers in York – we received instructions to the garage and a bit of a push to get us out of harms way after the rope went its separate ways.

Meanwhile, have been redrafting Off Their Trolleys. Or, rather, re-ordering it. Have cut out loads of direct address business and written about five new pages. And then shuffled the rest about. The result? A right bloody unintelligible mess! Draft number three coming soon.

On the book front, managed to read Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen this weekend and enjoyed it immensely. It’s a very slender book – 150 pages – and only 105 pages contain the actual novel (the remainder is a short story, called Moonlight Shadow, after the Mike Oldfied bore of yore). Yet again a real brevity of words, just the bare essentials to tell the story, no yawn-inducing descriptive passages. Dunno if this is just how Japanese fiction translates or how Japanese authors write. But a perfect little novel.

Tunes of the day: Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now…and…Big Yellow Taxi (induced by last night’s airing of Stars In Their Eyes) 

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