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Big draw

Got news on the date and venue for The Worst Seat In The House. I have been deemed a big enough draw to occupy a 9pm Friday slot at Hull Truck. Ever so slightly scary. We discussed a need to head to the sun to write the thing and with any luck we’ll be booking a hol tomorrow. This is one shot that I don’t want to mess up and I’m already planning the tour and accompanying book. Quite what form the piece will be in is anyone’s guess, but I’d like to think that, in all modesty, it’ll be the highlight of the Humber Mouth. Have three months before performance and, as I’m in the bloody thing, want to get it written well in advance to allieviate too much nervous mess in my pants.

I’m a very busy bee at the moment, what with plays and one-man shows and possible career moves. Hope I’m not spreading myself too thin. But, as M says, the world is my lobster.

Life changing event tomorrow that’s got me panicking: Trip to Harrogate.

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