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It’s okay

The mentality of a newspaper editor. This is the kind of nonsense that drives the power crazy: 

“..a very encouraging figure…we gained approx 8,000 copies last year from the first three days of the war in Iraq… 

…The death of a Hull man in a bomb blast in Iraq, for which we produced a Breaking News Edition, resulted in an extra 1,500 sales.” 

No, I can’t fucking believe it either. 

Ah, Lenny Bruce. I listened to an old radio programme about him on the journey in this morning. The original Bill Hicks, the daddy of contemporary stand-up. The man whose downfall was using the word ‘cocksucker’ when a representative from the DA’s office was sitting in the audience. And then they made up some stuff about him supplementing his use of the word ‘cocksucker’ with a ‘masturbatory gesture’. Come on! And then he was found guilty. And couldn’t get a gig. And died of an overdose. And his guilty conviction was overturned two years later. Cocksuckers.

Sometimes I wake up and can’t quite figure out how to piece myself back together. Sometimes I feel like I’m fading away. And other times it’s okay.

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