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Meet them halfway

Have received a full-blown critique of Off Their Trolleys, which is a play about supermarkets. Sort of. And how have to set about putting it right. Have been doing much thinking about what I can do about plot as it needs a bit more ‘business’. Getting feedback was great tho I fear that the man that gave it now knows my work better than I do. Quite how I’ll find the time to redraft this between all the driving I do is anyone’s guess. And this weekend we’re off for fun in Birmingham, so there’s no time free then. But have told the man that needs to know that he can see what I’ve done by Monday. “No, email it Tuesday, I’m not in Monday,” he said, as if emails disappear when you’re not there to collect them. There is lots to do with Off Their Trolleys, though am not in total agreement about all the feedback. If I do all that is asked it will be a different beast. So will probably meet them halfway and see where we go from there. Am not interested in writing something that’s like something else, because there’s enough of that already. Theatre is, in my experience of sitting in it once or twice a week, mostly boring. Great big swathes and chunks of dialogue is dull. Plots are obvious. It’s time it was interesting. And if that means making it more like a televisual experience, then so be it. Life is a series of vignettes, not a cleverly constructed comedy or tragedy with too many doors. Let’s not forget that. 

In car entertainment: Beck’s Mellow Gold

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