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War on the humourless

There is a wonderful middle-east style tension at work today. I guess every office has a patronising, loud, obnoxious imbecile with all the intelligence of a half-bitten peanut. No, it’s not me. Anyway, said person is upsetting several others as I tinker with my blog. I was thinking yesterday that there are some people who go about their lives unable to say anything interesting/funny/all of the above ever. How on earth could you get through a day knowing that you’re like that? But, I suppose, you don’t know it. There should be a war on the humourless. The humourless should be assassinated Sheikh Ahmed Yassin-style. Apropos of which, who would have thought that a 67-year-old halfblind, almost wholly paralysed Sheikh could pose such a threat to Israel? All together now, don’t you know, we’re on the eve of destruction. The world has indeed gone mad.

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