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Yesterday’s excitement about the Humber Mouth has now turned to apprehension. Am off to discuss my play over at Hull Truck in about an hour. Time to bite nails down to the knuckle. I can barely remember the thing. Have also started writing another one so am more interested in that right now and think I will find it hard to switch my brain between the two. But looking forward to getting some feedback about Off Their Trolleys. One of the actors that was in the ten minute version last year has read it and speaks highly of it, so am quite confident that it’s not too bad. 

Had to explain to someone at work the meaning of the abbreviation btw. I can’t believe that there are people that don’t know all that stuff. Come on, we’ve all spent weeks on end in chat rooms, changing our gender… It’s taken me back to the swan song of illegal CB radios. We all used to use the jargon and then a new breed came along that couldn’t be bothered to utter “10-4 for a copy” and “what’s your handle?” and started talking ‘normally’. and suddenly the magic and mystique of being involved in an illicit act was gone. IMHO we shouldn’t let it happen again. Or we should at least go down ROFL. 

Feel bad about posting some comments to Pik (see link to his blog on right) and I hope he took them in the spirit they were intended, ie tongue in cheek and in an effort to be helpful. It seems weird that I’ve known him for over 10 years now. He was in short pants back then and always wanted to sit on my knee while I read Elmore Leonard excerpts to him in a crazy American accent. Sometimes I wish he lived up the road and we could nip to the pub together. I don’t feel like that about everyone I know.

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