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Hard-core Benny Hill

There’s nothing quite like writing a great paragraph in the early hours and then your computer crashing before that all important ctrl-s could be pressed. Just hit 21 pages with the script when the above happened. Thankfully, I didn’t lose as much as I first thought I would. Not that it’s a work of genius right now. But it would have been a painful experience. Appear to be plagued with repetitive virus syndrome since going broadband. Every other day we have Nachi-B, which keeps causing programmes to crash and others not to start up. Grrrrr. Oh for the glory days of quills and parchment. 

So here I am. 1.10 on a Sunday morning. And about to call it a night. John Osborne’s Looking Back is getting better with every page. He writes in great, sarcastic detail about his very odd grandparents, aunties and uncles. I have very little clue about my ancestory. I don’t even know my grandfathers’ names. Must ask mum when I nip in on Monday. I like Osborne, though a lot of his stuff aside from The Entertainer and Look Back In Anger is very tedious. But his autobiography is a right romp and proves his socialist credentials without harping on about it all. But there’s time for that yet – I’m only 60 pages in of around 500. 

There’s a curious noise in the air in the dead of night here. Can’t work out where it comes from but assume it must be to do with the overhead powerlines above the rail tracks. Like a kind of swirling humming sound. There’s no such thing as silence these days, is there? Anyway, am happy that I’ve written stuff these last couple of days. There are times when you think nothing will ever come. Not writer’s block – we don’t believe in that – just a kind of inertia that prevents you from ever sitting down and doing anything. And the problem of not being able to get your ideas down in the way you thought you would. That’s already happening with this thing – I envisaged something dark, menacing. But it’s like hard-core Benny Hill. 

Earlier on we were belting out an appalling version of Green Day’s Time of Your Life. Me on guitar, M on vocals and Penny on vibes. There goes the neighbourhood.

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