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I emailed my blog URL out to a few people yesterday. And now I’m scared. What if people are actually reading this? What if they are thinking “what the fuck!?!?!”. Anyway, if you’ve joined me, hello. I’m trying to get a ‘comments’ thing sorted out so that, if there is anyone out there, people can let me know how low an opinion they have of all these ramblings. But, true to form, when I opted to put my blog on webcrimson I apparently chose the only service not compatible with lots of free software stuff that you can use elsewhere. I’m thinking of shifting to blogspot but I kind of like the fact that webcrimson isn’t supported by lots of nasty adverts. Oh well. So watch out for the ‘comment’ button and use it (should it ever arrive). 

Am sat in our home office (some people would call it a spare bedroom, but we’re swanky York folk. And that’s not a silent S!). Am watching lots of trains go past – we’re a house away from the mainline in and out of the city. A rather lengthy GNER has just rumbled past, shaking the house a bit. The worst type are the transporters carrying steel and other mucky industrial stuff. It’s not as bad as it sounds – in fact, there’s a real feeling of security from living so close to these massive diesel beasts. Maybe it’s a back to the womb thing. Mind you, with the track record of rail safety we might end up with one in the living room one night. “Woah! Watch the XBox!”
Am doing some stuff for M this morning before turning my attention to a bit of playwriting. I’m here alone. Just me, the cat, an EWS shunter and Eminem on the CD player. I’ve only got myself to blame if I don’t get a few pages out!

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