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Better than sex

York is a strange place sometimes. The entire contingent of passengers on a park and ride bus had to disembark because a ‘gang’ or 12-year-olds decided to play with the doors in the middle of the ‘bendi-bus’. The driver of the bus tried to persuade the ‘hooligans’ to get off but they refused – so everyone else had to go! Weird. This is the same city thats Top Ten of Serious Criminals banned from the city centre includes a woman whose only crime appears to have been that she once stole a can of deodorant from Boots. Meanwhile, a parish councillor has just resigned because they’ve just discovered that she runs her own porn site with live streaming video. I love it here!

Picked up Hunter S Thompson’s Better Than Sex off the bookshelf today and read a few pars just for the sheer hell of it. It’s nonsense. I’d forgotten what a mess it is. But that’s the kind of journalist I’d like to be if I have to be one. Optimistic that I can get some words down this weekend and have so many ideas for new stuff, as well as revisiting an old piece. We’re too poor here in York to be able to have too much distracting cash-fuelled fun. We need to write our way out of this one!

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