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Watching rugby league used to be a more interesting affair. That’s what I thought watching Hull FC at the 25,000 seater KC Stadium (it was only half-full, or half-empty). Back in the day the players used to come in all shapes and sizes. And you could recognise who was who from the amount of stomach over-hanging their shorts. No chance now that they’re all athletes. Heck, they even have two players with the same name! Funniest chant of the day was “There’s only two Richie Barnetts”. Which isn’t really funny at all – sporting humour doesn’t travel beyond the terraces. I remember being impressed by those folk that start off the chants when I was a kid at the Boulevard with Neil Pound. Those people don’t seem half as original as they used to be and these days invariably have to get the word wanker in there somewhere. And yes, if all else fails they just shout “get ’em on side referee”, like they always did. Rugby league is no longer a game for the working class. It is now also a game for the city’s many bleach-blonde, large-earring-wearing Kappa track-suited teenage girls. Final score: Hull FC 24, Warrington Wolves 18. 

One less tooth today than yesterday awarded to: Scott 

Murakami just completed: The Elephant Vanishes

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