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Poverty and diet

Hull has come top of a new obesity league table. We eat chips. Apparently that’s because we’re poor and northern and don’t know how to eat properly (Humber Online: “The most likely to be overweight were white, working class families who have poor education and do little exercise.” – that really is a fair description of everyone I know in Hull). Natch, a large white loaf is cheaper than a brown organic one. I did a fat count when I was eating my white loaf at lunch and only spotted three people that were what I would class as obese – maybe the others are housebound – but resisted the temptation to shout fatty abuse at them. They were, after all, bigger than me. A medical expert came up with the following words of wisdom…”These are white working class people living in areas of council flats where diet is poor and exercise isn’t taken regularly.” Why, those lazy poor fat bastards.

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