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Sundays are wonderful. They give us time to reflect. Reflect on such things as….M has a staggering array of trainers. I have one pair I currently love: my new Duffs. They have overtaken my now battered Diesels in my affections. I do have another pair of trainers. A French brand called Baliston. But they’re for summer. M’s list to die for is as follows, most recent purchases at top of list



Converse (x2)




Puma (yuk!)

And still she wants more. She has her eye on a new pair of Vans (eta 2 weeks). And we can’t go in Free Spirit without a trip around the shoe display. M has just looked at the list on screen and said it looks rubbish, not impressive at all. There’s 8 pairs there, ferchrissakes!!!! My Diesels had to get me through a whole year on their own!

Have spent two hours writing reviews. 2x Under The Whaleback; 1 x vid review of In The Cut. No time to be creative (again!).

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