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The editor of the HDM apparently ranted about my fancy use of language when I was off last week. I had dared to use the word ‘dystopian’ in a review. “We’re disappearing up our own arseholes,” he is alledged to have said. People in Hull aren’t ready for such long words and don’t know what a dystopia is, which is odd given where they live.

Almost got stuck in the doors of MVC with an obese couple (2x Rik Wallers) who chose the exact moment that I was exiting said store to enter. Got a nasty stare from tubby woman bringing up the rear. Surely people of that size should know to open both doors before attempting to get through a gap designed for folk of a more slender disposition. Had there been an altercation I would have poked them in the draping stomachs a la the Pilsbury Dough Boy adverts (ooh, pop ‘n’ fresh!). Bless ’em. Hope they found what they were looking for in there.

Meeting with Hull CCs youth arts coordinator with a view to M and myself doing a bit of ‘yoof theatre work’ went well. She seemed v keen to get us involved.

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