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Wind up

Finished Murakami’s Wind Up Bird Chronicle in the bath this morning. There’s nothing quite like reading in the bath. And nothing quite like Murakami. He’s got me through the last 18 months. And, tho I know there are millions of other readers who’ll think the same, he’s got inside my head with his dreamy works of fiction, all of which are about me. It was a sad event finally closing the cover – so I went out and purchased Sputnik Sweetheart so I can stick with the guy for a while longer.

City centre of York was a real nightmare. Full of tourists who like nothing better than stopping in their tracks right in front of you. They should be banned.

Bought today: one truly ace Atari t-shirt. Going back asap: one truly ace Atari t-shirt that, despite the XL tag, was designed for someone that weighs 3 stone. This, more than anything else today, has made me feel depressed.

Last full day of the kids visit today. Just like old days, Danielle was a spoilt brat, Scott teased Sam and Sam was just Sam. Shame to go out on a low 🙁

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