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Look. It’s very late. And I have just finished work. But I’m supposed to be having a week off. Why oh why do I always end up reviewing when I’m off? Went to see Caitlin tonight, at the York theatre royal studio. A great show, all about the ‘stormy relationship’ that existed between Dylan Thomas and Caitlin Macnamara. Odd laughs in inappropriate places from a woman sat in front of us. And a set that appeared to contain 2 tonnes of sand. And we had to walk across it to get out because an inordinate amount of people hung about for the ‘talkback’. And they refused to tuck their feet in. Filing copy overnight is a joy! Hurrah for critics the world over! And to think a certain magazine have kept me waiting for money for months! Bastards! Read the review here: and feel free to pop some coppers in me hat for me trouble. I thank you and goodnight.

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