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It is light again! Both in the morning on the way into work and on the way back. The dark days are over and the clouds are lifting. Today, mother read a short piece I wrote especially for her called Getting To Grips. She read it to a room full of fellow Women’s Guilders. I panic that they might not appreciate the finer points (if there are any!) of this female Alf Garnett character. Or, rather, that they might be able to relate to her just a little too much.

Myself and M are competing against each other on the XBox Crash Bandicoot game. I am much better at it than she is, although, somehow, she has completed 28% of the game to my paltry 22%. I also had to employ a child (Scott) to finish a boss level for me. If all else fails I shall overwrite M’s game and get her back to square one. Mwah hah hah hah!

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