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15 minutes per review

Have just written review of Dave Pelzer’s new book. Realised I quite liked it. He’s not just a wittering, over-analysing American. Or is he? I can’t make up my mind. Apparently the Mail on Sunday accused him of inventing his troubled past a while back and carried the headline ‘Is He Making “It” All Up?’

I keep thinking how little time it takes to review stuff. Maybe 15 minutes just then to do 300 words. And that’s Pelzer’s life. No wonder there are so many f**k ups in reviews. Shouldn’t think my book review will make any difference to sales of The Privilege of Youth. But what about that theatre criticism? Months of writing, weeks of rehearsal, lots of sweat, pressure on the box office to succeed. And I have half an hour to file my review. No time for agonising over getting it right, not offending the (mis-spelt) cast or the director. No wonder they’re a travesty. Don’t read your notices, drama queens.

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