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Nipped for a Guardian

Followed a 50-something woman with a massive parcel destined for delivery into the petrol station today, where I’d nipped for a Guardian. Noticed she picked up a Daily Telegraph before I started feeling up the bread for freshness. She’d left by the time I was paying for the goods, but noticed the parcel sitting atop a pile of lager. So I ran after her to tell her. After doing the good deed I said, smugly and with a left-wing grin, “And they said Guardian and Telegraph readers could never get on!” We know who the more intelligent beings are now, eh? Grauniad readers would never lose sight of their parcels. I now worry that the contents might have been right wing propaganda. Julie Burchill’s second replacement in Weekend is someone called Julie Bindel, which strikes me as funny in a “but for the odd vowel and consonant” kind of way.

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